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Re: [Xen-devel] printk from softirq on xen: hard lockup

Hey David,

Sorry for the premature response on my phone earlier. Real reply follows.
>> rcu_read_lock, when using Xen PV. Relevant excerpts of the
>                                 ^^  PV guest?

Yes. The lockup occurs on a PV guest. Nothing special at all about the
configuration. Vanilla upstream 4.1.3 kernel.

>> __xapic_wait_icr_idle () at ./arch/x86/include/asm/ipi.h:56
>> 56              while (native_apic_mem_read(APIC_ICR) & APIC_ICR_BUSY)
>                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  => HVM guest
> Which is it?

That's odd. It's a PV guest, not an HVM nor PVH guest.

> A HVM guest's serial console may be particularly slow (since it's
> emulated by qemu).  Try using the PV console?

I am using the PV console. But actually the problem occurs too even if
/proc/sys/kernel/printk is set to all zeros (no klog on the console).

The plot thickens?

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