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[Xen-devel] Does Xen project have test suites for testing xc/xl/hypercall and so on?

Hi all,
   I'm looking into xen's test suites now, and encounter some problems.
   Does xen have unit tests that can be executed by xen contributors to
validate their code-commits before sending a patch to xen-devel?
In xen-4.5.1(and its upstream), there are sevral test cases in the 'tests' directory, but these are much like tools, rather than test cases at my view. For example, it obtains physical address by hypercall and write relevant MSR in mce-test, but it didn't tell us whether the address obtained was correct? and is the register written successfully? There seems to have no method or expected results to check them. If it was unit test, it is obviously not enough for xen. Are there any more test methods to ensure the accuracy and stability of xen?

Thank you in advance.

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