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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Security Advisory 140 - QEMU leak of uninitialized heap memory in rtl8139 device model

Yuriy Kohut writes ("Re: Xen Security Advisory 140 - QEMU leak of uninitialized 
heap memory in rtl8139 device model"):
> Please find attached patches for the 'Qemu-dm 3.4 stable branchâ 
> (git://xenbits.xen.org/qemu-xen-3.4-testing.git):
> # sha256sum xsa140-qemut-3.4-?.patch
> a6f614aea18f5ebf37b7d462c9190d7b9426a7b2ca304f314d05b8a328c9f831  
> xsa140-qemut-3.4-1.patch
> dd3f90a407f83fdaf7efa42a5aabcc479ad88a0bc8b98d31f1809dfe81543186  
> xsa140-qemut-3.4-2.patch
> b091a84fe888362a1501faf8aa546d2b8816e0ce6e197d8da9cd0bafc0e26dbb  
> xsa140-qemut-3.4-3.patch
> 454e6d0d6fe464c7a696c168ca5218fbd5d496eab1f5565bc02e391997b02a3d  
> xsa140-qemut-3.4-4.patch
> def8a6a33bddd77518b9ba2f8f16b2ac4ff962c34f24a94173e41b5a82adf68a  
> xsa140-qemut-3.4-5.patch
> c599838dfea5aa50eed8bc2ca373734a6ef4529738aa1d056637625d04d35875  
> xsa140-qemut-3.4-6.patch
> 6d2efbd7b492355160f38a61e0a83c5fb5be86e2a4c953cc2f4e05a2dda7001e  
> xsa140-qemut-3.4-7.patch

Hi.  Thanks a lot for this.

We (Xen maintainers) intend to handle these by applying this (as a
bugfix) to xen.git#staging, which is the 4.6 release prep branch.
They apply with some minor line offsets.  We'll then feed that into
our maintained stable branches in the usual way, and update the

Yuriy, can I have your Signed-off-by for the backport work, in
accordance with

If so I will repost this as a formal patch series.


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