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[Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST v2 0/7] Fixes for distros-debian-* flights on armhf

The armhf tests in distros-debian-* have always failed since they did not
shutdown at the end of installation. I've now investigated that and the fix
is patch #2 in this series.

The remainder of the series consists of various fixes, extensions to
existing quirks and workarounds, mainly to the use of the pv-menu-list
package on ARM when actually starting the guest (which was previously
blocked by the install failure).

In addition to this a xen patch ("libxl: use correct command line for arm
guests.") is also needed. That should be applied for 4.6 pretty soon
(probably right after I've sent this mail...)

This will fix the armhf tests in distros-debian-jessie flights (and    
later) but won't fix the armhf -raw/qcow/vhd tests in other flights    
since they also suffer from lack of Xen support in Wheezy's kernel.    
Once we switch osstest to using Jessie by default then together with    
this series those things ought to spring into life.


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