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[Xen-devel] Question: Redirect guest kernel's message via serial port to a file on dom0


I'm trying to use a PV guest VM on Xen to help debug Linux.Â
I was using VirtualBox to help debug Linux kernel by redirecting the output of the serial port of the VM to a file in the host. I can do it in VirtualBox.

[Why do I want to achieve this?]
It is much faster to reboot a VM than rebooting the physical machine.
I don't need another machine to physically connect to the serial port of the development machine.
I want to use Xen for as many things as possible. ;-)

I tried to google a tutorial or manual about how to configure it, but didn't find any. :-(

In my understanding, I need to do the following things:
1) I need to add a line (something like "serial=") in the guest's configuration file to specify the serial port device to the VM;Â
2) I need some configuration to redirect the output of the serial device to a file in domU;
3) After that, I can configure the kernel command line in the VM to dump the kernel message via the serial port of the VM. (I know how to do this step.)

âDid anyone have tried this before and have some configuration I can refer to? orâ
âCould anyone give me some references that describes how to configure the above three steps? â

I really appreciate any help or suggestion or comment.

Thank you very much!



Meng Xu
PhD Student in Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania
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