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[Xen-devel] [RFC] Xen 4.6 Acknowledgements


because we are now branching and opening master before the release, I have to 
make some changes to how I acknowledge Xen release contributions. 

In the past, I took the time-stamps of the two RELEASE tags for a release and 
counted contributions to xen.git and osstest.git (I didn't count qemu-trad)

However, we have no taken out mini-os, have raisin and some other repos. What I 
was planning to do was the following

1: split http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Xen_Project_4.5_Acknowledgements - 
more correctly the 4.6 page - into a "Hypervisor only" and a "Hypervisor other" 

2: "Hypervisor only" will list contributions in xen.git between the release tags

3: "Hypervisor other" will list contributions in a number of related repos that 
are listed, but I would use the timestamps of the release tags. I was planning 
to include the following repos: osstest.git - can add friends also (as testing 
is important), raisin, mini-os (as it used to be in xen.git). 

I could also include qemu-traditional into (3), which I have not counted in the 
past. So I was thinking I'd not do this. Also including Linux, BSD, ... is hard 
as  pinpointing the xen-related parts are too hard.

Does this sounds sensible? Any objections?


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