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Re: [Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH v14 PART 2 10-26/26] Nested HVM testing

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> From: Ian Jackson [mailto:ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2015 3:15 AM
> To: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Cc: Hu, Robert <robert.hu@xxxxxxxxx>; Ian Campbell
> <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>; Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [OSSTEST PATCH v14 PART 2 10-26/26] Nested HVM testing
> This is the second part of v14 Robert Ho's osstest patch series to
> support nested HVM tests.
> It is also available here:
>   git://xenbits.xen.org/people/iwj/xen.git
>   http://xenbits.xen.org/git-http/people/iwj/xen.git
> in wip.nested-hvm.v14.part1..wip.nested-hvm.v14
> Compared to Robert's v13, which was passed to me by private email,
>  * I have rebased onto current osstest pretest;
>  * I have changed how selecthost() is told it's dealing with
>    a nested host (in practice, L1 guest);
>  * There are a large number of minor cleanups;
>  * There are some new preparatory cleanup and admin patches;
>  * I have rewritten almost all of the commit messages.
> However, I have done only VERY LIMITED testing.  Much of the code here
> is UNTESTED since my changes.  My testing was confined to:
>  * Verifying that my changes to cs-adjust-flight worked
>  * Checking that ad-hoc runs of ts-host-reboot and ts-host-powercycle
>    seemed to work when a guest was specified on the command line.
> Robert, you kindly volunteered to test a revised version of this
> series.  I would appreciate if you would check that all of this still
> works as you expect.  I expect there will be some bugs, perhaps even
> very silly bugs, introduced by me.
> I noticed that this series lacks guest serial debug keys and log
> collection for the L1 guest, because there is no
> Osstest/Serial/guest.pm.  I would appreciate it if you would provide
> one.  I don't think it needs to actually collect any logs, because the
> L1 serial output log will be collected as part of the L0 log
> collection.  But it ought to support sending debug keys to the L1
> guest.  When you have provided it you can (in the same patch) fix the
> corresponding `todo' in selecthost, changing `noop' to `guest'.
[Hu, Robert] 

Hi Ian,
Are you sure would like me to add this part? I took glance at the module
code (noop, xenuse, etc.), didn't quite understand.
I can imitate them for the Serial::guest.pm, but afraid will not that good.

> Workflow:
> Robert: I'm handing this (what I have called `part 2') over to you
> now.
> When you make changes, feel free to either rebase, or to make fixup
> commits (perhaps in `git-rebase -i --autosquash' format) on top.  If
> you do the latter then you'll probably want to pass that to me as a
> git branch (via git push to xenbits or emailing me a git bundle),
> since `squash!' and `fixup!' commits don't look good in email :-).
> If you rebase, please put changes
>    v15: <description of what you did>
> in the commit messages, as I have done myself in v14.  Leave my v14
> notes in place.
[Hu, Robert] 

Now I've completed this part of work. Am I going to hand over the v15 bundle
to you, with the above unresolved?
Current changes based on your patch:
* Some fixed (already get your confirmation) squashed into original patches, 
v15 annotation. 
* 2 fixes (not get your confirmation) are separated as !fixup patch for your 
review; actually only 1 explicit fixup patch, the other was by mistake squashed 
but I made the annotation clearly.
* 2 more patches added, you've already been aware of:
Osstest/Testsupport.pm: change target's default kernkind to 'pvops'
Osstest/Testsupport.pm: use get_target_property() for some host setup

> Of course if you have any comments or queries about how I have done
> things, they would be very welcome.
> Please do not rebase any of the commits in wip.nested-hvm.v14.part1.
> If you discover bugs in `part 1' please let us know as I have fed that
> into the osstest self-test mill with the expectation that it will go
> into production.
> I do not expect you to test the changes to cs-adjust-flight.  I have
> done that.  Indeed they are not really related to the Nested HVM work
> and Ian C and I may pick them up in another series.
> Ian Campbell: You probably want to defer re-reviewing this until
> Robert reports back.
> Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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