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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v8 00/21] Introduce HVM without dm and new boot ABI

This series is split in the following order:

 - Patches from 1 to 12 allow disabling the devices emulated inside of Xen, 
   with the exception of patch 2 which is a bugfix for the vlapic.
 - Patches from 13 to 21 introduce the creation of HVM guests without a
   device model and without the devices emulated inside of Xen.

This series has been successfully tested on the following hardware:

 - Intel Core i3-5010U.
 - AMD Opteron 4184.

With both hap=0 and hap=1 in the configuration file. I've been able to boot
a SMP guest in this mode with a virtual hard drive and a virtual network
card, all working fine AFAICT. Migration/save/restore has also been tested 
with a SMP guest using the FreeBSD kernel provided below.

The series has been compile tested on arm32.

The series can also be found in the following git repo:

git://xenbits.xen.org/people/royger/xen.git branch hvm_without_dm_v8

And for the FreeBSD part:

git://xenbits.xen.org/people/royger/freebsd.git branch new_entry_point_v5

In case someone wants to give it a try, I've uploaded a FreeBSD kernel that
should work when booted into this mode:


This FreeBSD kernel starts the APs in long mode. There are examples for 
starting the APs in other modes in the sys/x86/xen/pv.c file.

The config file that I've used is:



name = "freebsd"

Of course if you have a FreeBSD disk already setup it can also be added to
the configuration file, and the following line can be used to point FreeBSD
to the disk:


As usual, each patch has it's own changelog.

AW   M 01/21 xen/x86: add bitmap of enabled emulated devices
   B M 02/21 xen/vlapic: fixes for HVM code when running without
A J  M 03/21 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated local apic
A      04/21 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated HPET
A    M 05/21 xen/x86: allow disabling power management
A      06/21 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated RTC
A      07/21 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated IO APIC
A      08/21 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated PIC
     M 09/21 xen/x86: set the vPMU interface based on the
A      10/21 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated VGA
A      11/21 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated IOMMU
    N  12/21 xen/x86: allow disabling the emulated PIT
     M 13/21 xen/x86: make sure the HVM callback vector is
A    M 14/21 xen/x86: allow disabling all emulated devices inside
AW     15/21 elfnotes: intorduce a new PHYS_ENTRY elfnote
AW     16/21 libxc: allow creating domains without emulated
     M 17/21 xen/x86: allow HVM guests to use hypercalls to bring
AW   M 18/21 libxc/xen: introduce a start info structure for
AW     19/21 libxc: switch xc_dom_elfloader to be used with
 W     20/21 libxl: allow the creation of HVM domains without a
     M 21/21 libxl: add support for migrating HVM guests without

A = Acked/Reviewed by Andrew Cooper.
W = Acked/Reviewed by Wei Liu.
J = Acked/Reviewed by Jan Beulich.
N = New in this version.
M = Modified in this version.

Thanks, Roger.

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