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[Xen-devel] Xen 4.7 Development Update

I accidentally deleted my old script, so I take the chance to change
the tracking email a bit. Now this email only tracks big items for
xen.git tree. Please reply for items you woulk like to see in 4.7 so
that people have an idea what is going on and prioritise accordingly.

= Timeline =

We now adopt a fixed cut-off date scheme. We will release twice a
year. The upcoming 4.7 timeline are as followed:

* Last posting date: March 18, 2016
* Hard code freeze: April 1, 2016
* RC1: TBD
* Release: July 1, 2016

Note that we don't have freeze exception scheme anymore. All patches
that wish to go into 4.7 must be posted no later than the last posting
date. All patches posted after that date will be automatically queued
into next release.

RCs will be arranged immediately after freeze.

= Projects =

== Hypervisor == 

=== x86 === 

*  xSplice, hypervisor hot-patching
  -  Konrad Wilk

*  Porting Intel PState driver
  -  Wei Wang

*  HVM-nodm support
  -  Roger Pau Monne

*  Posted interrupt
  -  Wu, Feng

*  VMX TSC scaling support
  -  Haozhong Zhang

*  VT-d asynchronous flush issue
  -  Tian, Kevin

*  xsave/xrtors support
  -  Shuai Ruan

=== ARM === 

== Toolstack == 

*  Disentangle libxenctrl to stable libraries
  -  Ian Campbell

*  Libxc support for building large PV domains
  -  Juergen Gross

*  PV USB passthrough
  -  Chunyan Liu

*  HVM USB passthrough
  -  George Dunlap

*  Domain snapshot API
  -  Chunyan Liu

*  Fix hotplug script machinery and remove blktap
  -  George Dunlap

*  Basic xSplice tooling (see hypervisor item)
  -  Konrad Wilk

*  Run QEMU as non-root
  -  Stefano Stabellini

*  Load BIOS via toolstack
  -  Anthony Perard

  -  Yang Hongyang

== Documentation == 

*  Feature maturity lifecycle
  -  Lars Kurth

== Completed == 

*  Intel CDP support
  -  He Chen

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