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[Xen-devel] Osstest nested patch v15 (was RE: [OSSTEST PATCH v14 PART 2 10-26/26] Nested HVM testing)

Hu, Robert writes ("Osstest nested patch v15 (was RE: [OSSTEST PATCH v14 PART 2 
10-26/26] Nested HVM testing)"):
> I here hand over to you the v15 patch bundle as attached. Hope it can pass 
> your pretest soon.

Thanks.  (CCing the list.)

All of your fixes were good.  Thank you.  I have incorporated them.

> * The last patch of 'guest' Serial method, was made by myself, you
> may want to rewrite it or modify it. I don't have the
> confidence. But it doesn't blocks others, with or without it, the
> patch set can work fine.

I rewrote this.  I found I wanted to do some refactoring first to make
this easier.

I am going to send out a v16 of the whole series in just a moment.

Can you please test this final patch in your environment ?  Send me
fixes in whatever form you like.

I think we do need this debug keys feature to work before we push this
to osstest pretest, because otherwise we risk having un-debuggable
blocking failures in our CI.


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