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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH XEN v5 14/23] tools: foreignmemory: provide xenforeignmemory_unmap.

Ian Campbell writes ("[PATCH XEN v5 14/23] tools: foreignmemory: provide 
> And require it be used instead of direct munmap.
> This will allow e.g. Valgrind hooks to help track incorrect use of
> foreign mappings.
> Switch all uses of xenforeignmemory_map to use
> xenforeignmemory_unmap, not that foreign mappings via the libxc compat
> xc_map_foreign_* interface will not take advantage of this and will
> need converting.
> +int xenforeignmemory_unmap(xenforeignmemory_handle *fmem,
> +                           void *addr, unsigned int num);
> +

What kind of errors might this return ?


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