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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCHv3] 00/28] Kconfig conversion

Hi Doug,

On 12/11/15 22:54, Doug Goldstein wrote:
> The following series is a follow on to the Kconfig conversion patch series.
> There are still more components to convert however this is the bare minimal
> to get everything working and get the options out of the existing makefiles.
> The CONFIG_HAS_ variables are there to match the behavior of the Linux
> CONFIG_HAVE_ variables. The purpose is to say that this hardware/profile/env
> supports this option while the CONFIG_ variable states that this option was
> requested on/off by user intervention.
> Ultimately my goal is to allow for more parts of the hypervisor to be turned
> off at compile time and potentially make it easier to include more
> experimental features by others which can be turned off by default. Also to
> provide the one true location for all possible knobs in the source code.
> The patch series can be grabbed at: https://github.com/cardoe/xen.git
> The branch is: kconfig_v3
> Changes since v2:
> - drop x86_32 support (patch 2)
> - fix make defconfig (patch 2)
> - fix 'make -C xen' vs 'cd xen && make' behaving differently (patch 2)
> - fix for ARM64 builds (added patch 3)
> - At this point all targets are tested on x86_64, arm32, and arm64 with
>   fresh clones and rebuilds.

After this series, the resulting binary won't be the same. For instance
on ARM64 all the UART drivers are disabled.

The user/test system should be able to get the same options enabled by
default with and without your series.

I wasn't able to find any documentation how to use your Kconfig with
Xen, so I've tried different things which don't work as I was expected.

1) If I modify myself xen/.config to remove/add an option, the config
won't be recheck and ignored
2) make menuconfig doesn't expose any options => No possibility to
select any UART on ARM.

The latter is because how you define the option in the Kconfig:

config HAS_EXYNOS4210

Without any text, it's not possible for the user to select this option.


Julien Grall

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