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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH v17 00/24] Nested HVM

This is, I think, a fully-working series to support Nested HVM testing
in osstest.  It can be found here:

in base.nested-hvm.v17..wip.nested-hvm.v17

 a  01  cs-adjust-flight: Add some missing doc comment info
*   02  cs-adjust-flight: Allow adjusting "this" flight
 aT 03  selecthost: Minor cleanups
+   04  make-flight: Break out usual_debianhvm_image and honour ...
 aT 05  selecthost: Support nested hosts (guests which are also hosts)
 aT 06  Nested hosts: Provide PDU power method
 aT 07  DhcpWatch::leases: Fix a reporting message
 aT 08  target_check_ip: Rename and improve from guest_check_ip
 aT 09  await_tcp(): Run check_ip on each loop iteration
 aT 10  LVM: Break out lv_create
 aT 11  Toolstack::xl: Provide block_attach method
 at 12  sg-run-job: Break out per-host-prep and per-host-finish
 AT 13  sg-run-job: Provide infrastructure for layers of nesting
 aT 14  Nested HVM: Provide ts-nested-setup to help make L1 usable as a host
 aT 15  Nested HVM: Provide test-nested recipe
* T 16  Nested HVM: Add test job to appropriate flights
 aT 17  ts-xen-install: Properly handle hosts without a static IP address
 aT 18  ts-xen-install: networking: Rename `nodhcp' to `ensurebridge'
 aT 19  Osstest/Testsupport.pm: change target's default kernkind to 'pvops'
 aT 20  Osstest/Testsupport.pm: use get_target_property() for some host setup
 at 21  HVM guests: Use qemu "pipe:" for serial output logging
 at 22  Serial: Factor out Osstest::Serial::keys_real
* t 23  Serial: Add new serial method object for `guest' type
+   24  Serial::xenuse: Send xenuse output to /dev/null

  a   acked by Ian Campbell
  A   acked by Ian Jackson
  T   formally Tested-by Robert Hu
  t   informal test report in email from Robert Hu


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