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[Xen-devel] 9p file system for xen

I worked this summer as an intern under Julien Grall and Wei Liu. My project was to develop a prototype/proof of concept xen front/back end for the 9p file system. I mostly hacked the virtio 9p system. This project was not complete, at the end of the summer. Julien said that you all wanted to include this in the next release of xen in January, and offered to take it over. I told Julien I wanted to continue working on it, which I have been doing, very much in the background. I came upon a bug in my code recently that made me aware that I am not clear what the expectation for what I deliver should be: i.e., whether it's still a prototype, or whether this should be production software. Right now, I do not modify the toolstack (I never learned how), but rather start and pause my guest, and then modify xenstore, manually. I can fix my bug in the same manner, but this will limit the usefulness of what I deliver. To do more will hit up against the limitations of my time and knowledge. So please let me know what you're expecting, especially wrt the user interface, and when I would need to complete everything for this release.

Thank you.

Linda Jacobson

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