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Re: [Xen-devel] what's the equivalent function to "schedule_timeout" in xen kernel?

On Mon, Nov 16, Andrew Cooper wrote:

> On 16/11/15 06:36, Zhangbo (Oscar) wrote:
> > Hi all:
> > ããI'd like to SLEEP a while in xen kernel during VMEXIT,  the easiest way 
> > is to call "udelay" or "mdelay" there. However, these 2 functions use busy 
> > wait to sleep, which is a waste.
> > ããIn linux kernel, there's a function named  'schedule_timeout', allowing 
> > the CPU to run other tasks during SLEEPING. 
> > ããSo, is there any equivalent function to "schedule_timeout" in xen kernel 
> > ? 
> > ããThanks in advance.
> > ãã
> There is not any equivalent.  Paths through Xen are synchronous
> (scheduling vCPUS has different requirements/constraints than scheduling
> userspace tasks), and there are no concepts of tasks like the Linux
> kernel has.

For xenpaging xen/common/wait.c was invented, which gives some sort of
async. The thread of execution goes to sleep, until another thread wakes
it up again.


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