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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 2/6] libxl: stop using libxl__xs_mkdir() for ~/control/shutdown

Paul Durrant writes ("[RFC PATCH 2/6] libxl: stop using libxl__xs_mkdir() for 
> As documented in docs/misc/xenstore, the XS_MKDIR operation merely makes
> sure a path exists whereas ~/control/shutdown needs to start empty. Also
> using XS_MKDIR for a node which is never supposed to have children is
> somewhat counterintuitive.

The way xenstore doesn't distinguish between leaves and directories is
unusual but it is part of the xenstore API.  I think users inside
libxl will have to cope with it anyway.

> This patch introduces a new libxl__xs_printf_perms() function analogous
> to libxl__xs_printf() but taking explicit permissions arguments, and then
> uses this to create an empty ~/control/shutdown node.

This is a lot of extra boilerplate to clean up one slightly odd call.

Maybe it would be easier to rename libxl__xs_mkdir to
libxl__xs_mknode ?  (It's probably too late to rename XS_MKDIR.)


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