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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 24/62] arm: Introduce a generic way to use a device from acpi

On 17/11/15 13:21, Shannon Zhao wrote:
>> AFAICT, it does only works for SPCR table used for UART device. For the
>> GIC you've hardcoded the value and I can't find any version number in
>> the table.
> No, I didn't hardcode the GIC version. Since ACPI 6.0 introduces GIC
> version in generic distributor table, it could get the version from
> that. Please see [PATCH v3 28/62].

+    if ( dist->version == ACPI_MADT_GIC_VERSION_V2 )
+        rc = acpi_device_init(DEVICE_GIC, NULL, GIC_V2);
+    else if ( dist->version == ACPI_MADT_GIC_VERSION_V3 )
+        rc = acpi_device_init(DEVICE_GIC, NULL, GIC_V3);

Every single time a new GIC version will be added, we will had to add
another else if. I'm sorry but it's what I call hardcoding.


Julien Grall

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