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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v6 0/6] xen/arm: vgic: Support 32-bit access for 64-bit registers

Hi all,

This series aims to fix the 32-bit access on 64-bit registers. Some guest
OS such as FreeBSD and Linux (ITS and recently 32-bit guest using GICv3)
use 32-bit access and will crash at boot time.

For all the changes see in each patch.

Sincerely yours,

Julien Grall (6):
  xen/arm: vgic-v2: Implement correctly ITARGETSR0 - ITARGETSR7
  xen/arm: vgic-v2: Handle correctly byte write in ITARGETSR
  xen/arm: vgic-v2: Don't ignore a write in ITARGETSR if one field is 0
  xen/arm: vgic: Optimize the way to store the target vCPU in the rank
  xen/arm: vgic: Introduce helpers to extract/update/clear/set vGIC
    register ...
  xen/arm: vgic-v3: Support 32-bit access for 64-bit registers

 xen/arch/arm/vgic-v2.c     | 282 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 xen/arch/arm/vgic-v3.c     | 264 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 xen/arch/arm/vgic.c        |  45 ++++++--
 xen/include/asm-arm/gic.h  |   2 +
 xen/include/asm-arm/vgic.h | 129 +++++++++++++++++----
 5 files changed, 480 insertions(+), 242 deletions(-)


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