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[Xen-devel] [iGVT-g] XenGT for PV guest

Hi all,

I am trying to enable XenGT for Android on board vtc1010 in PV mode.
- Intel Atomâ processor E3827
- Xen 4.3.1 on branch "byt_experiment".
- dom0: ubuntu 14-04 with linux vgt 3.11.6-vgt+ kernel version
- domU: Android-IA 5.1 with 3.11.6-vgt+ (added Android configs)Â kernel version

vgt was successfully started in dom0.
vgt does not start in domU. After registration of pci dev in i915_init() there is no call of i915_pci_driver.probe(). Inte HD Graphics is on pci bus, but it is not passthrough to domU. When tried to passtrough it to domU than dom0 crashes in drm_framebuffer_remove(). More than that it is not my case because of intel hd graphics need to be working in dom0 and domU.

So could U give advice how to probe i915 driver in domU?

With best,

Oleksii Kurochko | Embedded Dev
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