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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v1 10/11] xsplice: Add support for exception tables

On 11/27/2015 04:28 PM, Martin Pohlack wrote:
On 03.11.2015 19:16, Ross Lagerwall wrote:
+#ifdef CONFIG_X86
+unsigned long search_module_extables(unsigned long addr)
+    struct payload *data;
+    unsigned long ret;
+    /* No locking since this list is only ever changed during apply or revert
+     * context. */

How do you make sure that no exception is triggered in the patching
process itself (also for future code changes)?

Could we use a lockless update on the list of module ex-tables?

That seems like overkill. The patching process either simply does list_add_tail or list_del to update the list, so unless you expect those to generate exceptions, I don't think you gain anything by doing lockless updates.

Ross Lagerwall

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