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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.7 Development Update

On Tue, Dec 01, 2015 at 11:54:54AM +0000, Lars Kurth wrote:
> Wei, and others.
> > On 25 Nov 2015, at 02:17, Han, Huaitong <huaitong.han@xxxxxxxxx>
> > wrote:
> >> 
> >> = Projects =
> > 
> > == Hypervisor == === x86 === *Memory protection keys for user pages
> > -Huaitong Han
> one thing I struggle with (and I am probably not the only one), is
> that it is not always easy do find out what a specific patch does in
> the Development Update mails. Obviously this is not an issue at the
> beginning of the cycle, but it can become one when we start to put the
> release notes and PR together. In this particular case, the use-case
> for the feature was described as a one-liner else-where and I am
> wondering, whether we should allow tracking the use/use-case/... in
> these mails.
> Aka, in this case, using the information from the thread where the
> use-case was discussed, will give us something like ...  
> == Hypervisor == === x86 === * Memory protection keys for user pages
> (allows threads to cooperatively prevent themselves from "trampling"
> on each other, which increases robustness and is useful for debugging)
> - Huaitong Han
> Part of the reason, why I am also looking at this, is because of the
> Feature Lifecycle Management (see
> http://xen.markmail.org/message/uu3vifjmv2qylds4), where we still have
> outstanding issues on documenting completed features. It seems to me
> that there is an overlap between the Development Update mails, and
> recording the state of an added feature in a central file. Obviously,
> if a new feature was committed to xen.git, we would then need to add
> an entry to the still to be defined central file describing it. And it
> would probably make sense to keep the info in Development Update mails
> as close as possible to what is in the still to be defined file.

I can't think of how you would merge such document and this email as a
whole. Most things in this mail are unfinished so they haven't entered
FML. If there is ever overlapped, that is the "completed" section of
this mail -- it makes sense to keep that section close to the in-tree
document. But on the flip side we don't need two places for the same
thing so I would just remove the completed section all together and
refer to the in-tree document.

As for PR purpose it would be easy during freeze to send out emails to
people to have them write a small paragraph. They are also welcome to
provide such information to this email -- I shall say that in preamble.


> Any thoughts?
> Cheers Lars 

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