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[Xen-devel] Hotplugged devices in Xen 4.5 and domain reboot


got a question regarding hotplugged devices in Xen 4.5. What we currently have is Xen 4.5, Linux in Dom0 and DomD and Android in DomU. All the devices are configured via domain config, so they are initialized on domain startup: libxl reads config, sets up xenstore branches and fills them for driver back ends and front ends; front ends monitor these branches and fill in their specific data once connection is established. On DomU reboot, config is being re-read and all the devices are started again in the same manner.

Problem is we don't really know what to do with hotplugged devices. When such a device appears in DomU during runtime, we set up all the xenstore insformation on the fly, but it doesn't go to persistent domain configuration; so when DomU reboot comes, they are not set up again as they should. All the solutions we are considering look like dirty hacks (e.g. making separate branch in xenstore for hotplugged devices, reading it on domain start in the same way domain config is parsed, and copying data to corresponding xenstore domain branches). Are there any existing ways to handle these?

Suikov Pavlo
P +x.xxx.xxx.xxxxÂÂM +38.066.667.1296Â S psujkov

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