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[Xen-devel] Bitergia Review Process Tools Phase 2 (Plan of record, please review)

Hi folks,

I just got off the phone with Bitergia and in the second phase of the study, we 
will do the following.

1) More accurate matching of reviews to commits. This means
- Fix issues with capitalisation and white spaces, slashes, ...
- We do have a sizeable portion of patches that have the prefix corrected on 
check-in, thus make the matching resilient to such changes
- Deal with different git trees (internal): some patches posted to xen-devel 
end up in other repos but xen.git (e.g. osstest.git, mini-os.git, ...)
- Deal with different git trees (external): some patches posted to xen-devel 
end up in qemu, kernel, BSDs, ... these can be ignored, if they can't be 
matched. These tend to have qemu-devel@xxxxxxxxxx, various kernel lists, ... in 
the CC list
- If a significant proportion of reviews remain unmatched: try and handle 
spelling mistakes (I think these may be negligible)

2) Document the tools they have such that we can run them ourselves and check 
into one of our trees. We also have the option to run them as hosted service

In addition, we will implement something like 
http://s.bitergia.com/db-openstack-gerrit for the project with a number of 
filter and reporting capabilities. I hope this can help reviewers, 
maintainers/committers, contributors and me. This should help monitor the 
situation going forward and highlight any issues early on. In addition, it 
should also help provide reports that measure the value that reviewers add to 
the project. In addition, contributors should be able to mine the data for 
their own historical performance (which should allow them to create more 
realistic plans).

Specific capabilities
* Add filters (e.g. by company, by person, by other groups of people â on a 
number of axis, such as "submitted by", "reviewed by", ...)
* A subset of the stats we defined in phase 1 will be exposed
* Add custom pre-defined stats, e.g. post ACK-conversations on patches. 
* Add custom filters for 
  - Active reviews (e.g. those with activity in the last 1-2 weeks)
  - Reviews that are almost complete, e.g. 80% acked (the idea is to focus 
review attention onto reviews that are almost done)
  - Old reviews that may be abandoned (for housekeeping)
  - Some filter to select "complex patches" - the idea here is that these 
require more coordination amongst reviewers
  - Some filter related to contributions which are waiting for comments (aka, 
those which may be stuck)
* Add custom reports, e.g. a report that highlights review contributions more 

If you have any extra ideas, let me know

Best regards
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