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Re: [Xen-devel] 9p file system for xen

Wei has suggested I "send a summarised email on [my] work to xen-devel so that people are aware of [my] work." To that end, and to save Wei from reinventing the wheel, I am providing the following:

First to correct a misconception, I followed the state change protocol of xen, as outlined by Ian Campbell in his 6/11 email on "Re:[xen-devel]grant tables and driver handshaking". This was tested early in the summer when I passed a small amount of data between my initial front and back ends. The code resides in the files p9_front.c, p9_front_driver.c on the front end and xen_9pif.c on the backend. I am attaching an updated version of a writeup I made this summer. It's table of contents is:
    1.  The state of the project
    2.  The approach I took
    3.  How to build my project
    4.  How to use it.


Linda Jacobson

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