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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xen_pt: fix failure of attaching & detaching a PCI device to VM repeatedly

> > Add pci = [ '$VF_BDF', '$VF_BDF', '$VF_BDF'] in
> This is a bit confusing: it is not actually correct to assign the same 
> device, even
> an SR_IOV VF, multiple times, so these must be all different. More like:
> pci = [ '$VF_BDF1', '$VF_BDF2', '$VF_BDF3']
> > hvm guest configuration file. After the guest boot up, detach the VFs
> > in sequence by "xl pci-detach $DOMID $VF_BDF", reattach the VFs by "xl
> > pci-attach $VF_BDF" in sequence.
> So do you mean:
> xl pci-detach $DOMID $VF_BDF1
> xl pci-detach $DOMID $VF_BDF2
> xl pci-detach $DOMID $VF_BDF3
> xl pci-attach $DOMID $VF_BDF1
> xl pci-attach $DOMID $VF_BDF2
> xl pci-attach $DOMID $VF_BDF3
> ?

I know this bug, I had a patch to fix a similar bug,  I think Jianzhong means:

xl pci-detach $DOMID $VF_BDF1
xl pci-attach $DOMID $VF_BDF1
xl pci-detach $DOMID $VF_BDF1
xl pci-attach $DOMID $VF_BDF1


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