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Re: [Xen-devel] Double gnttab_end_access in mini-os netfront

On Sun, 2015-12-06 at 03:19 +0100, Marek Marczykowski-GÃrecki wrote:
> Hi,
> When running HVM on Xen 4.6 with qemu in stubdom, I've found that
> something goes wrong with disk frontend (at least that was visible
> problem - a lot of read and write errors in stubdom log). But further
> debugging (including -DGNT_DEBUG) leads to double gnttab_end_access in
> netfront. 
> The stack trace is:
> ASSERTION FAILED: !(!inuse[ref]) at gnttab.c:42.
> Do_exit called!
> 0x00000000000f3ffb: get_time_values_from_xen at xen-4.6.0/extras/mini-
> os/arch/x86/time.c:134 (discriminator 1)
> 0x00000000000d74a8: HYPERVISOR_sched_op at xen-4.6.0/extras/mini-
> os/include/x86/x86_64/hypercall-x86_64.h:180
> 0x00000000000d6a2e: put_free_entry at xen-4.6.0/extras/mini-
> os/gnttab.c:43
> 0x00000000000d6bff: gnttab_end_access at xen-4.6.0/extras/mini-
> os/gnttab.c:115
> 0x00000000000d8a50: network_rx at xen-4.6.0/extras/mini-os/netfront.c:134
> 0x00000000000d9ec4: netfront_receive at xen-4.6.0/extras/mini-
> os/netfront.c:671
> 0x00000000000dd302: get_current at xen-4.6.0/extras/mini-
> os/include/x86/arch_sched.h:16
> 0x0000000000079f72: tap_send at xen-4.6.0/stubdom/../tools/qemu-xen-
> traditional/net.c:756
> 0x00000000000069f9: main_loop_wait at xen-4.6.0/stubdom/../tools/qemu-
> xen-traditional/vl.c:3826
> 0x0000000000021f27: main_loop at xen-4.6.0/stubdom/../tools/qemu-xen-
> traditional/i386-dm/helper2.c:612 (discriminator 1)
> 0x000000000000950d: quit_timers at xen-4.6.0/stubdom/../tools/qemu-xen-
> traditional/vl.c:1866
> 0x00000000000d7f57: call_main at xen-4.6.0/extras/mini-os/main.c:163
> 0x0000000000003423: thread_starter at :?
> 0x0000000000000000: _start at ??:?
> It was working in Xen 4.4. The only commit touching xenfront.c (in any
> meaningful way) from that time is this one:
> http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=mini-os.git;a=commit;h=7c8f348390652a67e
> 9356eec9cd2b0f76a9c7c72
> With that commit reverted, issue vanishes.
> I guess it's because before this commit, there was "if (rx->status ==
> NETIF_RSP_NULL) continue" before "gnttab_end_access(buf->gref)", but now
> that case is handled after gnttab_end_access (using "if (rx->status >
> NETIF_RSP_NULL)"). I think the fix would be to restore that "continue"
> line.

That sounds pretty plausible to me (FWIW). Have you tried it?

> PS What is the correct place for such reports? minios-devel? xen-devel?
> both?

Formally I suppose the former, but realistically including xen-devel as
well is likely to attract more eyes.


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