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[Xen-devel] xenstore domain

I'm just playing a little bit with xenstore in an own domain.

I've come across some questions I'd like to have some answers to before
presenting official patches to make this an easy configurable option:

a) As this would need a boot time configuration item I'd like to add
   e.g. /etc/xen/server.conf where such global configuration options
   could be set via directives. Is this generally okay? If yes, which
   format? Easiest way would be entries like
   which can be either sourced in from shell scripts or can easily be
   parsed in all programming languages. What are the preferences here?

b) Today init-xenstore-domain will require flask to be enabled. An
   alternative would be to add a new domain creation flag to allow the
   domains with that flag set calling xc_domain_getinfo(). Thoughts?

c) In order to be as flexible as possible I think the xenstore domain
   should be allowed to auto-balloon according to it's needs. Is anyone
   already working on ballooning support for mini-os?


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