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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xen/tools/get-fields.sh: Use printf for POSIX compat

>>> On 12.12.15 at 19:18, <alex_y_xu@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> xen/tools/get-fields.sh used echo -n which is not POSIX compatible and
> breaks with dash. Change it to use printf "%s" which is usable
> everywhere.

Looks okay, but a couple of remarks:
- For the unaware as well as to know why to take care going forward,
  it would be nice if the commit message mentioned where actually you
  saw this to be an issue.
- There appears to be quite a bit of unnecessary quoting (namely on
  all the "%s" instances), making lines longer than they need to be
  (and hence possible harder to read). In fact, since field names can't
  contain %, \, or other characters with special meaning to printf it
  looks as if the use of %s is superfluous altogether.
- Please Cc all relevant maintainers, not just Keir.


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