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[Xen-devel] Question about VirtIO on Xen - Disk performance issues

Hi to all,
I'm writing you this mail for asking some advice about a great problem i'm havin in running a Windows VM (HVM) onto a Xen (Gentoo based) Hypevisor.

I need to achieve maximum performance from this VM because of intense SQL tasks running in it.

I've seen good improvement in IO on disk using VirtIO on a Windows VM onto a QEMU (QNAP) hypervisor, and i'm tryin to use this feature also on my Xen HV.
Is VirtIO disk a good way to improve performance?

Thx in advance and hope to keep in touch

Luca Tongiani

Sinte srl
Soluzioni Informatiche e Telematiche
via Monte Grappa 4/B
20900 Monza (MB)

Cel (+39) 339 745 49 21
Tel (+39) 039 200 59 60
Fax (+39) 039 200 69 42
Web www.sinte.net

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