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[Xen-devel] Driver domain reboot, xenstore backend branches


got a question regarding reboot of a driver domain in Xen 4.5.ÂWhat we currently have is Xen 4.5, Linux in Dom0 and DomD and Android in DomU.

On DomU start, xenstore is populated with both backend and frontend branches for all the devices present in config. So it looks like this (DomD is domain 1, DomU is domain 2):


After issuing DomD reboot, backend branches which correspond to it are cleared, so xenstore looks like this:


Still have frontend branch, but no corresponding backend node, since DomU was not restarted and DomD config knows nothing about these devices.

We want to have DomD reboot with split driver restart and backend reconnect to hanging frontends. It there a right way to do it in Xen 4.5 (or 4.6 for that matter if something new was introduced in this version exactly)?

Devd seems to be quite a tool for the job, but it observes backend branches rather that filling them. Am I missing something here? How split drivers are supposed to work in a DomD reboot scenario?

Suikov Pavlo
P +x.xxx.xxx.xxxxÂÂM +38.066.667.1296Â S psujkov

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