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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 1/9] README.dev: Document the blessings

Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <Ian.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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@@ -232,3 +232,104 @@ probably are after a reboot) by looking for processes 
relating to the
 lists flight,job combinations and then:
 $ ./mg-hosts previoustasks --clear
+Flight blessings and the blessed-* host flags
+Both flights and hosts have a `blessing'.
+Blessings are used:
+ * To avoid accidentally tools operating on flights which are in the
+   wrong phase of their existence.
+ * To control which automatic archaeologists will look at which
+   flights.  (Archeaology tools take arguments to control which
+   blessings they will consider.)
+ * To control which hosts are considered suitable for use with which
+   flight.  (Flights with blessing `foo' use only hosts which have
+   flag `blessed-foo'.)
+Each flight has a `blessing' and an `intended blessing'.  The
+`intended blessing' is what the flight is going to be blessed as when
+its execution has completed.  The intended blessing controls host
+(Normally the `intended blessing' is the same as the bless argument to
+sg-execute-flight aka the -B argument to mg-execute-flight.)
+These are the principal (intended) blessings:
+ * `real': Flights which are fully production runs.  They use only
+   clean working trees with no `funny' environment variables, and
+   versions of osstest intended for production.  The data from such
+   flights is used, where applicable, to control production push gate
+   decisions, etc.
+   `blessed-real' hosts are fully production-ready.
+ * `play': Playground.  Flights may use weird software, dirty working
+   trees, strange environment variables, and so on.  It does not make
+   sense to point archaeology tools at such flights.
+   `blessed-play' hosts may be partially or completely nonfunctional,
+   or strange in some way.  For this reason `play' flights should not
+   normally use the automatic host allocator.
+ * `adhoc': Special-purpose flights.  They should be run with software
+   nearly as clean as `real': the version of the software used may not
+   be a branch intended for-production, but any enhancements or
+   modifications should not leave false or misleading information in
+   the history database.
+   `blessed-adhoc' hosts are just as good as `blessed-real' ones.
+   The `adhoc' blessing exists mostly to protect the main production
+   workflow from unintentional violations (for example, unexpectedly
+   buggy historical flight data).
+ * `commission-<something>': Flights used for testing that a
+   particular subset of the hosts are working properly.  The hosts to
+   be tested should be blessed `commission-whatever' during
+   commissioning, and that blessing removed and replaced with `real'
+   when the hosts are ready.
+ * `real-bisect' and `adhoc-bisect': These are found only as the
+   blessing of finished flights.  (This is achieved by passing *-adhoc
+   to sg-execute-flight.)  This allows the archaeologist tools to
+   distinguish full flights from bisection steps.
+   The corresponding intended blessing (as found in the `intended'
+   column of the flights table) is `real'.  So the hosts used by the
+   automatic host allocator are those flagged `blessed-real' or
+   `blessed-adhoc' - there are no separate blessed-*-bisect hostflags.
+There are also blessings for unfinished flights:
+ * `constructing': The flight metadata (jobs, runvars, etc.) is still
+   being populated.  The tools for flight construction (and flight
+   construct editing) generally insist that they operate only on
+   flights in this state.
+ * `running': At least one of the jobs in this flight has started.
+   Flight execution software will generally (perhaps via standard
+   library calls) mark a flight `running' if they find it
+   `constructing', and refuse to operate on other flights.
+ * `broken': Something went catastrophically wrong.
+Note that osstest is generally `crash-only software': nothing will
+`clean up' a crashed flight and set its blessing to `broken'.  Flights
+which were in progress once upon a time but never completed, because
+they crashed, are simply left with whatever blessing they had at the
+There is a special exception to the tools' flight status checks: any
+flight whose blessing contains `play' can be operated on out of order.
+Flights blessings can be manually changed with cs-flight-bless.  Eg
+  ./cs-flight-bless FLIGHT broken-real real
+updates FLIGHT to be marked `broken' rather than `real'.  This can be
+useful if a flight's data is misleading to the archaeologists.

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