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[Xen-devel] Regarding Mini-os boot up on xen arm


I am facing problem during mini-os boot-up. The execution breaks while checking for fdt_check_header while calling fdt32_to_cpu. I think it is not able to use the address of the dtb provided during arch_init.
The address i can see is 0x08400000.

(d3) Virtual -> physical offset = 3fc00000
(d3) Checking DTB at 08400000...
(d3) Fault handler at 004081ac called (prefetch_abort)

after this it dumps registers.

I am not understanding where have we specified the address of dtb, and first of all we have not compiled any dtb with mini-os, so which dtb will be used here ?

--> I came to know after some gooogling that xen provides DTB to guest os.

I checked verbose output of "xl create" and came to know that xen tools are allocating some space and populating it with DTB info, but since that address is virtual and so is changing every time, i can not hardcode it into r2 register.

So i want to know how xen passes DTB to guest os.



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