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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 0/2] VT-d flush issue

> On December 22, 2015 4:27pm, <JBeulich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>> On 22.12.15 at 09:10, <quan.xu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > For Device-TLB flush error, I think we need to propagated error code.
> > For IEC/iotlb/context flush error, if panic is acceptable, we can
> > ignore the propagated error code. BTW, it is very challenge / tricky
> > to handle all Of error, and some error is unrecoverable. As mentioned,
> > it looks like rewriting Xen hypervisor.
> We're moving in circles. In particular I don't believe this last sentence.
> Re-writing many parts of the hypervisor would be required is you were to 
> return
> the error to the guest (which technically isn't possible in many case afaict).
> Having crashed the guest, you don't need to be concerned about unrolling
> previous (partially completed) operations, so I don't think it's this much of 
> a
> rewrite.
> And just to be clear - I hope you recall that the current approach taken to 
> the
> flush issue is already a compromise far away from where we initially meant the
> code to move, and it was always clear that the bad error handling state the
> code is in is going to get in the way of this being a simple fix. It's sad 
> that the
> people originally having introduced that code can't be held responsible for 
> fixing
> this up, but that's a situation we find ourselves in all the time.
> Jan

Let's finish our discussion. I accept your idea. But I need to separate it into 
3 patch set (It is complicated for me, sometime it makes me crash.):
   Patch set 1:  Device-TLB/iotlb flush error. (send out this week)
   Patch set 2:  context flush error. (need 2 ~ 3 weeks)
   Patch set 3:  iec flush error. (need 3 ~ 4 weeks)

If it is acceptable, we can discuss in detail one by one..


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