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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/2] add vNVDIMM support for Xen

On 12/29/2015 07:28 PM, Haozhong Zhang wrote:
This patch series extends current vNVDIMM implementation to provide
vNVDIMM to HVM domains when QEMU is used as the device model of Xen.

This patch series is based on upstream qemu rather of qemu-xen,
because vNVDIMM support has not been in qemu-xen (commit f165e58).

* Following two problem that prevent Xen from directly using current
   implementation are solved by this patch series.

  (1) The current way to allocate memory for pc-dimm based vNVDIMM
      through file-backend device is not compatible with Xen. Patch 2
      adds another pc-nvdimm device to manage vNVDIMM's memory by

Let's figure a way to reuse current NVDIMM device mode, two modes
completely make the implementation complex and unmaintainable.

Also, the way reserving memory region for NVDIMM ACPI needs to be
adjusted and that is i am currently working on.

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