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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/5] migration/remus: bug fix and cleanup

On 30/12/2015 01:39, Wen Congyang wrote:

Wen Congyang (5):
   remus: don't call stream_continue() when doing failover
   remus: don't write xenstore data if it fails
   tools/libxc: don't send end record if remus fails
   tools/libxl: remove unused function libxl__domain_save_device_model()
   Allow all user to create a file under the directory /var/lib/xen

  tools/Makefile                   |  2 +-
  tools/libxc/xc_sr_save.c         |  2 +-
  tools/libxl/libxl_dom.c          | 91 ----------------------------------------
  tools/libxl/libxl_internal.h     |  3 --
  tools/libxl/libxl_stream_read.c  | 18 +++++---
  tools/libxl/libxl_stream_write.c |  8 +++-
  6 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 103 deletions(-)

Just as a reminder, you need to CC the toolstack maintainers on all patches in this series.


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