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[Xen-devel] 2014 and 2015 contribution stats (including Reviewed-by and other tags)

Hi folks,

please find attached 2014 and 2015 contribution stats, including some of the 
tags. To compare like with like, the 2015 figures do contain repos which were 
taken out of xen.git. They also include osstest, as I used to track these in 
the past.

The company figures in the 2015 file may have some inaccuracies as, I have not 
tidied the user to company mapping yet. If you see your name or e-mail address 
in there, it would be great if you could let me know which employer to map you 
to by sending a private email.

Key observations
* The number of patch-sets contributed have gone up significantly (from 2118 to 
* The number of developers has gone up from 110 to 116
* The number of employers could possibly have gone down, but there is always 
some uncertainty as I don't always know who works for whom and if I don't know 
people are mapped int the "(Individual)" company bucket
* The number of "reviews, including ACKs" has increased from 2392 to 3257. If 
you look at just the ACK's, a lot more people are reviewing. Also the 
distribution has changed significantly. What is notable is that the Citrix 
proportion of reviews has shot up significantly. Note that reviewed-by and ACK 
tags do not accurately reflect actual effort in a review: just an end-state.
* The number of test related tags has gone up marginally

Best Regards

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