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Re: [Xen-devel] xl cpu online/offline?

On 13/01/16 14:53, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:
> Hey,
> We have some libxc calls for onlining/offlining the CPU and they
> are quite good for testing how well Xen behaves without say
> doing an S3 suspend or such.
> It occurred to me that it would be nice to have them hook up in
> libxl/xl but I am not exactly sure what the right command line would be?
> And whether you want to make it super-duper smart to be able to deal
> with ranges or hex masks, etc (like xentrace does).
> Anyhow my first thought was:
>  xl cpu online/offline
> but most of the commands seem to follow one command per action, so perhaps:
>  xl cpu-online
>  xl cpu-offline
> ? 

Merging the xen-hptool functionality into xl would be a good improvement.

It uses:
andrewcoop@andrewcoop:~$ ssh idol xen-hptool
xen-hptool: Xen CPU/memory hotplug tool
Usage: xen-hptool <command> [args]
  help                     display this help
  cpu-online    <cpuid>    online CPU <cpuid>
  cpu-offline   <cpuid>    offline CPU <cpuid>
  mem-online    <mfn>      online MEMORY <mfn>
  mem-offline   <mfn>      offline MEMORY <mfn>
  mem-status    <mfn>      query Memory status<mfn>


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