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[Xen-devel] Xen Project Hackathon, Cambridge UK, Apr 18-19 - registration, hotels and other information

Hi all,
I just put together the booking page for the next Hackathon. See 
http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Hackathon/April2016 for more information.

* If you are a maintainer or otherwise a core member of the community, just add 
yourself to the Confirmed Attendees section stating your name and organisation. 
You can also use the {{Invite|Name|Org|IRC handle|arrival date|leave 
date|lodging}} template to provide more information with the aim to co-ordinate 
travel and find people staying in the same hotel as you.

* If you are not a maintainer or known member of the community, please add 
yourself the Request invitation section. If your email address is not known in 
the Xen Community, please also add the name of your employer and send your 
e-mail address to community dot manager at xenproject dot org using "Request 
for Hackathon 2016 Invite" as subject line. This is important, such that we can 
e-mail more information to you. We will monitor this page and confirm whether 
we have space for you to attend.

Best Regards

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