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[Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST v2 00/12] Specify host and guest os version in runvars

The following series makes it possible to specify the OS used on the host
and in guests (e.g. DebianSuite, d-i version, ISO image version) via
runvars and causes the production configurations to always fully specify
these rather than relying on test scripts picking up the defaults from the
configuration (but retaining that as a fall back for adhoc and other uses).

There are two reasons for this, both of which were noticed during the
recent update of osstest to use Debian Jessie in place of Debian Wheezy as
the host and guest OS.

Firstly we noticed that bisection could be inconsistent if e.g. the
baseline pass ran with Wheezy but the failure ran with Jessie. In this case
prior to these changes the attempt to reproduce the baseline pass would
then use DebianSuite=Jessie (from the config) but hostflags=suite-wheezy
(copied from the template) and fail in various ways. After these changes
the DebianSuite would come from the runvars in the template and therefore
be Wheezy (i.e. consistent).

Secondly some older branches of Xen (e.g. 4.3 and earlier) do not build
with the toolchain in Jessie, which has gained additional warnings etc. In
at least one case the backport for that fix was considered too invasive for
a stable branch. With these changes it is now possible for different
branches to select a different DebianSuite and this is done for 4.3 and

Note that when configuring the DebianSuite it is also necessary to select a
corresponding d-i version, this is handled here too. In general one also
wants the Debian ISO used for debianhvm tests to match too, this is also
handled here.

I have runÂstandalone-generate-dump-flight-runvars at each step and
satisfied myself the changes are correct but I have not yet actually run
this. I intend to run adhoc flights with xen-unstable and xen-4.3-testing,
in the meantime this is an RFC.

I didn't include the full runvar diff this time.


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