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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] x86/HVM: add padding to hvm_hw_cpu

So that the size of the structure is the same on 32 and 64bit.

Signed-off-by: Roger Pau Monnà <roger.pau@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Ian Jackson <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
This should fix the issues seen on OSSTest when using a 32bit toolstack on
a 64bit hypervisor to create a Windows 7 HVM guest.
 xen/include/public/arch-x86/hvm/save.h | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/xen/include/public/arch-x86/hvm/save.h 
index b6b1bf8..6862720 100644
--- a/xen/include/public/arch-x86/hvm/save.h
+++ b/xen/include/public/arch-x86/hvm/save.h
@@ -163,6 +163,7 @@ struct hvm_hw_cpu {
 #define _XEN_X86_FPU_INITIALISED        0
     uint32_t flags;
+    uint32_t pad0;
 struct hvm_hw_cpu_compat {
1.9.5 (Apple Git-50.3)

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