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Re: [Xen-devel] XSAVE flavors

>>> On 26.01.16 at 15:33, <JBeulich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> originally I only meant to inquire about the state of the promised
> alternatives improvement to the XSAVE code. However, while
> looking over the code in question again I stumbled across a
> separate issue: XSAVES, just like XSAVEOPT, may use the
> "modified" optimization. However, the fcs and fds handling code
> that has been present around the use of XSAVEOPT did not also
> get applied to the XSAVES path. I suppose this was just an
> oversight?
> With this another question then is whether, when both XSAVEC
> and XSAVEOPT are available, it is indeed always better to use
> XSAVEC (as the code is doing after your enabling).

And I'm afraid there's yet one more issue: If my reading of the
SDM is right, then the offsets at which components get saved
by XSAVEC / XSAVES aren't fixed, but depend on RFBM (as that's
what gets stored into xcomp_bv[62:0]). xstate_comp_offsets[],
otoh, gets computed based on all available features, irrespective
of vcpu_xsave_mask() returning four different values depending
on current guest state. I can't see how get_xsave_addr() can
work correctly without honoring xcomp_bv. Nor can I convince
myself that state can't get corrupted / lost, e.g. when a save
with v->fpu_dirtied set is followed by one with v->fpu_dirtied

Am I misunderstanding what the SDM writes?


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