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Re: [Xen-devel] [qubes-devel] Re: pre Sandy bridge IOMMU support (gm45)

LeÂmar. 26 janv. 2016 ÃÂ21:10, Thierry Laurion <thierry.laurion@xxxxxxxxx> a ÃcritÂ:
I just tested freshly compiled xen.gz file produced from patched source, as recommended by ktempkin. (Previous post xen.diff attached file got applied to disable pmr).

Same behavior was observable with iommu=no-igfx: when net-vm tray icon gets rendered (corrupted graphics) and notification are draw on screen, system hang without logging any error.Â

I will compile xen with debugging options.

If you guys have any insight or people I should talk to, please advise. It would be greatly appreciated. :)


LeÂdim. 24 janv. 2016 18:45,ÂMarek Marczykowski-GÃrecki <marmarek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a ÃcritÂ:
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On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 06:21:05PM +0000, Thierry Laurion wrote:
> Hi devs!
> XEN devs:
> As per short discussion with ktemkin earlier in January in #xen:
> "ktemkin Jan 10, 2016 16:21:50
> This test patch did appear to make the system work, though:
> https://gist.github.com/ktemkin/0e81b93654ae800a5609
> ktemkin Jan 10, 2016 16:24:55
> Only real difference I see between that and the upstream behavior (besides
> limiting things to dom0 so things weren't accidentally passed through) is
> the call to disable_pmr on line 117 before aborting."
> Makes total sense to my early understanding, since it seems that it is said
> that vt-d engine gets disabled, but disable_pmr(iommu) function is not
> called to enforce.
> What do you think?
> QUBES devs:
> I'm still trying to understand how to apply this patch to qubes_builder to
> actually build a test iso or xen.gz image and report. All Qubes patches
> seem to be applied from git to local directory structure. Looking inside
> the code to understand how to generate the provided patch to git can apply
> it to local chrooted environment when building. Any documentation you could
> point me to would be greatly appreciated, as any feedback to actually fix
> the issue stopping this laptop from being a nearly perfect candidate for
> Qubes.

Actually for testing patched hypervisor, you can build xen the standard
way (http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Compiling_Xen_From_Source). And
then copy just xen.gz. Qubes-specific patches are only for the
toolstack, not the hypervisor.

But if you want to build full xen package, simply place patches
somewhere in qubes-builder/qubes-src/vmm-xen (patches.misc subdir?) and
add them to series.conf. Then execute "make vmm-xen" from qubes-builder

> Thierry
> Le sam. 23 janv. 2016 Ã 02:37, Thierry Laurion <thierry.laurion@xxxxxxxxx>
> a Ãcrit :
> > Hey devs,
> >
> > Thinkpad x200 p8600 laptops have vt-d, vt-x and tpm. They also have intel
> > integrated graphics 4 Series (gm45 chipset), supported through i915 driver.
> >
> > In December, a fix got introduced to Xen 4.6 through iommu=no-igfx switch.
> > Before that fix, it was impossible to boot xen without passing iommu=0.
> >
> > With iommu=no-igfx passed on, Qubes boots xen, kernel, dom0 and domu until
> > some graphic rendering is done from a domu to dom0 xserver.
> >
> > I'm trying to push forward IOMMU support of gm45 chipset here. The problem
> > is between i915 and xen iommu support for sure, but there is no crash or
> > interesting debugging information given on a serial console.
> >
> > Any dev help is welcome since that beast and t400 would be excellent Qubes
> > candidates once that problem is fixed. I posted in December on the list
> > just before Christmas but I guess the timing wasn't right;)
> >
> > Thanks for your help.
> > Thierry
> >

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Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-GÃrecki
Invisible Things Lab
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Here is the output of xen (compiled with debug options in Config.mk and rules.mk as instucted here) debug trace when launched from grub2 with:

multiboot /xen-4.6.0-debug.gz placeholder console=none dom0_mem=min:1024M dom0_mem=max:4096M console_timestamps=datems loglvl=all guest_loglvl=all sync_console console_to_ring lapic=debug apic_verbosity=debug apic=debug iommu=no-igfx iommu=debug debug

module /vmlinuz-4.1.13-8.pvops.qubes.x86_64 placeholder root=/dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-root ro rd.lvm.lv=qubes_dom0/root vconsole.font=latarcyrheb-sun16 rd.lvm.lv=qubes_dom0/swap rd.luks.uuid=luks-blah

module /initramfs-4.1.13-8.pvops.qubes.x86_64.img

Any idea? hints? Tips?

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