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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 00/16] Load BIOS via toolstack instead of been embedded in hvmloader.

On 03/03/16 18:03, Anthony PERARD wrote:
> In this series, there are plenty of places where one blob loaded by libxl
> to be consume by hvmloader is called acpi_module or acpi_table... where in
> fact it is only the DSDT table. I think I'm going to do some renaming to
> include "dsdt" into those names.

The DSDT cannot possibly come from anywhere other than hvmloader (as a
logic extension of Xen).  It is very hardware specific, including bits
of ACPI emulated by Xen itself.

There are plenty of improvements which can be made over the current
status quo by splitting out the optional parts into extra SSDTs, but
having the DSDT itself come from another source will cause all kinds of
problems for the domain.


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