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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v11 16/27] libxc/restore: support COLO restore

Changlong Xie writes ("[PATCH v11 16/27] libxc/restore: support COLO restore"):
> From: Wen Congyang <wency@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> a. call callbacks resume/checkpoint/suspend while secondary vm
>    status is consistent with primary
> b. send dirty pfn list to primary when checkpoint under colo
> c. send store gfn and console gfn to xl before resuming secondary vm

This looks like a plausible approach to me.  Again I am not going to
review the new colo-specific code in detail but skimreading it it
looks like the right kind of thing.

I'd like some opinion from Andrew Cooper about whether he's happy with
the interleaving of the colo-specific functionality in the middle of
the restore code, as you have done it.  Personally I think it seems
like it's probably the best way, but it may merit questioning, at


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