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[Xen-devel] XSA-155 and XSA-157 fixes missing from some stable Linux trees


it's been puzzling me for a while that these fixes, despite having the
necessary Cc, did not make it into (at least) 4.1.y and 3.12.y yet.
Unless there's a specific reason, may I ask for inclusion of

CVE-2015-8550 / XSA-155:

454d5d882c xen: Add RING_COPY_REQUEST()
0f589967a7 xen-netback: don't use last request to determine minimum Tx credit
68a33bfd84 xen-netback: use RING_COPY_REQUEST() throughout
1f13d75ccb xen-blkback: only read request operation from shared ring once
1877914910 xen-blkback: read from indirect descriptors only once
be69746ec1 xen-scsiback: safely copy requests
8135cf8b092 xen/pciback: Save xen_pci_op commands before processing it

plus the follow-up fix

d159457b84 xen/pciback: Save the number of MSI-X entries to be copied later.

CVE-2015-8551, CVE-2015-8552 / XSA-157:

56441f3c8e xen/pciback: Return error on XEN_PCI_OP_enable_msi when device has 
MSI or MSI-X enabled
5e0ce1455c xen/pciback: Return error on XEN_PCI_OP_enable_msix when device has 
MSI or MSI-X enabled
a396f3a210 xen/pciback: Do not install an IRQ handler for MSI interrupts.
7cfb905b96 xen/pciback: For XEN_PCI_OP_disable_msi[|x] only disable if device 
has MSI(X) enabled.
408fb0e5aa xen/pciback: Don't allow MSI-X ops if PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY is not set.

plus the follow-up fix

8d47065f7d xen/pciback: Check PF instead of VF for PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY

Thanks, Jan

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