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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 3/7] oxenstored: refactor request processing

Encapsulate the request in a record that is passed from do_input to
process_packet and input_handle_error.

This will be helpful when keeping track of the requests made as part of a

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Davies <jonathan.davies@xxxxxxxxxx>
Reviewed-by: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
Reviewed-by: Jon Ludlam <jonathan.ludlam@xxxxxxxxxx>
Reviewed-by: Euan Harris <euan.harris@xxxxxxxxxx>
 tools/ocaml/xenstored/process.ml |   15 ++++++++++-----
 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tools/ocaml/xenstored/process.ml b/tools/ocaml/xenstored/process.ml
index 7a73669..c92bec7 100644
--- a/tools/ocaml/xenstored/process.ml
+++ b/tools/ocaml/xenstored/process.ml
@@ -344,11 +344,11 @@ let function_of_type ty =
        | Xenbus.Xb.Op.Invalid           -> reply_ack do_error
        | _                              -> reply_ack do_error
-let input_handle_error ~cons ~doms ~fct ~ty ~con ~t ~rid ~data =
+let input_handle_error ~cons ~doms ~fct ~con ~t ~req =
        let reply_error e =
                Packet.Error e in
-               fct con t doms cons data
+               fct con t doms cons req.Packet.data
        | Define.Invalid_path          -> reply_error "EINVAL"
        | Define.Already_exist         -> reply_error "EEXIST"
@@ -370,7 +370,10 @@ let input_handle_error ~cons ~doms ~fct ~ty ~con ~t ~rid 
~data =
  * Nothrow guarantee.
-let process_packet ~store ~cons ~doms ~con ~tid ~rid ~ty ~data =
+let process_packet ~store ~cons ~doms ~con ~req =
+       let ty = req.Packet.ty in
+       let tid = req.Packet.tid in
+       let rid = req.Packet.rid in
                let fct = function_of_type ty in
                let t =
@@ -379,7 +382,7 @@ let process_packet ~store ~cons ~doms ~con ~tid ~rid ~ty 
~data =
                                Connection.get_transaction con tid
-               let response = input_handle_error ~cons ~doms ~fct ~ty ~con ~t 
~rid ~data in
+               let response = input_handle_error ~cons ~doms ~fct ~con ~t ~req 
                (* Put the response on the wire *)
                send_response ty con t rid response
@@ -412,11 +415,13 @@ let do_input store cons doms con =
        if newpacket then (
                let packet = Connection.pop_in con in
                let tid, rid, ty, data = Xenbus.Xb.Packet.unpack packet in
+               let req = {Packet.tid; Packet.rid; Packet.ty; Packet.data} in
                (* As we don't log IO, do not call an unnecessary sanitize_data 
                   info "[%s] -> [%d] %s \"%s\""
                         (Connection.get_domstr con) tid
                         (Xenbus.Xb.Op.to_string ty) (sanitize_data data); *)
-               process_packet ~store ~cons ~doms ~con ~tid ~rid ~ty ~data;
+               process_packet ~store ~cons ~doms ~con ~req;
                write_access_log ~ty ~tid ~con ~data;
                Connection.incr_ops con;

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