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Re: [Xen-devel] List of projects for 4.7

On 18/03/16 13:07, Wei Liu wrote:
> Hi all
> Today is that last posting day for new features. And we are two weeks
> away from the anticipated freeze date.
> I've gone through the outstanding patch series on the list and ask for
> input from various core community members. I've enumerated a list
> here, which covers several areas of this release and can be used as a
> guideline.
> Important and close patch, new features:
> 1. xSplice
> 2. CPUID levelling
> 4. COLO HA
> 5. RTDS per-vcpu parameter setting
> 6. Event driven RTDS
> Important bug fixes:
> 1. Intel VT-d flush issue
> 2. SMEP / SMAP fix
> 3. QEMU hotplug script fix
> Note, it is possible for bug fixes to go in after freeze.
> Nice to have, not very complicated patch sets:
> 1. IOREQ server P2M type
> 2. QEMU-based PVUSB backend

qemu-parts: Gerd Hoffmann would apply the patches after a review of xen
folks - any volunteer? :-)

xen tools parts: V2 will be sent as soon as some last details regarding
V1 have been discussed

> 3. Oxenstored improvement
> 4. Load bios via toolstack

What about my pending "pin override" tools related patches? Hypervisor
parts are already committed.


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