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[Xen-devel] Outreachy deadline approaching (March 22nd) : Guidance on missing contributions and late applicants

Hi folks,

I saw that you have a few people who are interested in Outreachy. However, some 
of our applicants highlighted their interest late. The following information is 
relevant and important.

> 3) Applicants can complete their required contribution past the application 
> deadline. This is especially helpful for applicants who are just connecting 
> with mentors. They can submit an application by the deadline, but can still 
> edit it after the deadline and until the selection date on April 22. Because 
> we have a full month for the selection period, you will have a couple weeks 
> before you need to finalize your decisions about who to accept. Mentors 
> should stay connected with applicants past the application deadline and 
> support them in making multiple contributions.

In a nutshell, please ensure that applicants submit their application before 
the deadline and that any loose ends are dealt with in the above time-frame

> 4) You and the mentors can already sign up in the application system at 
> https://outreachy.gnome.org , however, applications there are not indicative 
> of the applications your organization is getting because historically most 
> people submit applications in the last few days. This is why checking in with 
> mentors is the best way to evaluate how are things looking for your 
> organization at the moment. You can refer to 
> https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy/Admin/System for the capabilities of the 
> administration system and to 
> https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy/Admin/ApplicationReview for the explanation 
> of the application review options. Note that the application system does not 
> have any e-mail notifications at the moment.

Also, if mentors could sign up to the application system please sign up to the 
application system

P.S.: I added those people that have been engaging with applicants to the CC 

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