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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] tools: fix xen-detect to correctly identify domU type

On 24/03/16 10:58, Juergen Gross wrote:
> I've searched a little bit in git history in order to understand why
> xen-detect has been invented and/or has all the options which clearly
> are meant to be used in scripts.
> The last large modification was done in 2009 and I think Konrad is to
> blame here. ;-)
> It was meant to be used in early boot sequence to autoload the needed
> modules (frontends/backends) in case of running on top of Xen. I believe
> this usage isn't needed any longer as the dom0 case is handled
> differently and the needed frontends are loaded automatically on demand.
> So this means we can drop all the options of xen-detect, as they serve
> no purpose today.
> Next question is whether the remaining functionality warrants keeping
> xen-detect, and how the information it is presenting can be obtained.
> If we want to keep it, I can think of following solutions:
> - new kernel ABI (as suggested, David doesn't like it)
> - follow the route it is taking today, information is unreliable
> - parsing of the boot messages (e.g. via an init script into a file)
>   and printing that information (would work, but is a little bit hacky)
> Thoughts?

I don't recommend keeping xen-detect.  It is unreliable, and we will
always be playing catchup.

Parsing? that's not a little hacky...  The ABI is definitely a better

As for the ABI,

[root@fusebot ~]# find /sys/hypervisor/

A /sys/hypervisor/guest_type property would fit nicely alongside uuid,
and is applicable to all hypervisors, not just Xen.


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