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[Xen-devel] Improving pre-release testing of various ARM boards : call to action for Xen on ARM users and developers

Hi everyone,

as you may know, the project has a test lab that tests hypervisor changes 
against different Server Hardware. Unfortunately, the project can only support 
off-the-shelf ARM server hardware in the test lab and thus our automated test 
coverage for various ARM hardware is not yet that good. The Advisory Board will 
be looking to buy ARM servers as they become available this year. This will 
improve our test coverage, but we will not be able to cover the many different 
ARM boards with Virtualisation extensions.

To make sure that ARM Hardware which is either not the correct form factor 
(e.g. a development board that can't be racked), takes up too much space (e.g. 
Moonshot) or is not yet available commercially, we need to rely on community 
members to help test release candidates for Xen releases. The good news is that 
in most cases, a very simple test as outlined at 
http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Xen_ARM_Manual_Smoke_Test will trip over most 
ARM board specific issues.

To help facilitate this - and in preparation of upcoming test days - I would 
like to ask ARM developers and users to help out. 
1) If you have a specific ARM board/hardware and are willing to help, please 
sign up to 
2) If you know people who have ARM boards (which are not on this CC list) 
please forward them the mail

This will help us put together a distribution list of people that we can 
contact during Test Days. During Test Days, those who volunteered should
3) Follow the instructions in 
4) Submit a test report to xen-devel@ and add an entry to 

This will help ensure that any board specific issues can be fixed during the 
release cycle and that the upcoming Xen release works on your board.

Of course, test reports outside of test days are also welcome.

Best Regards
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